Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)

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Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)

These gummies contain naturally occurring compounds 5HTP. These will help with keeping you calm and relaxed by maintaining serotonin levels. 5HTP will also help increase your melatonin production.

The best chewable supplement to buy in the UK to help to boost your mood and reduce stress.

Chew 2 Sleep & Relax gummies a day.


60 Sleep & Relax Gummies. Suitable for children (Ages 3+) and adults.

Flavour: Passion Fruit

Contains: 5-HTP (50mg per gummy).

  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Gluten Free
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 196 reviews
Insomnia cure

I've had trouble getting off to sleep for quite some time. Tried everything and nothing worked. I was at my last option when I found these and gave them a try and what a difference it made! I've never looked back since. Slept every night I've taken them. If you gave trouble sleeping then I highly recommend these! You wont be disappointed!!

Good sleep

Worked really well with a great taste so be careful not to eat the tub in one go.

they're okay

they don't work as well as prescription medication for anxiety at least they taste nice

My mum loves them!

I bought these for my mum knowing she’s had issues with her sleep recently. The very first time she took them she said she was out like a light and had a deep sleep for the first time in ages!

Game changer

My 7yr old was diagnosed with epilepsy, he began being frightened to sleep, this was making his epilepsy worse. These melatonin gummies alongside the CBD and 5htp have changed our lives. He's now able to get to sleep easily and sleeping through.