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About Us

Our Mission

We know taking dietary supplements can be an unpleasant experience, so we have made it our mission at Yumi Nutrition to provide quality essential vitamins and supplements in a way that is easy and tasty to consume for both children and adults.

Most supplements are tasteless and are very awkward to swallow. We believe taking supplements should be just as pleasant as eating candy. We guarantee that once you try our Yumi gummies you will wish that all supplements taste just as good as ours.

Passion for Quality

All of our products are made with the best formulas and ingredients to ensure you absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals in your supplements for the best result.

Culture of Happiness

We’re based in Manchester, UK, in our new office premises that ensure a culture of a joyful (yet hard) working experience. Our formula is simple: Happy team = Happy customers. We believe that if our team is happy at work, then it reflects in our products that our customers will love.

The Team

We’re a likeminded and passionate team that loves to keep healthy and happy. We’re excited about life, and we’re always up for trying new activities, and delivering the best solutions for our customers.

Sending Yumi To Space!

We’re sending our gummy’s to the stratosphere! Keep your eyes peeled for exclusive access to a live link we’ll send out when our gummys will be launched into outer space!

 Our popular products include 5-htp sleep gummies, cbd de-stress gummies, and hair, skin and nails gummies.