Why do we need supplements?

Our bodies can't speak to us, but they do have a way of telling us what's on thier mind. Fatigue, grumpiness, low-energy levels, they're all classic ways our bodies are trying to get though to us. But life is hectic and full of distractions, so we don't always make the time to listen.

Why create Yumis?

We thought, if we could create a chewable nutritional supplement that noticeably improves the way people feel. on a daily basis, they would actually stick to their goals, and have more energy and freedom to focus on the things they love in life.

Todays Yumi range includes a diverse line-up of nutritional supplements

Every Yumi is 100% vegan friendly, gluten-free and doesn't include any unfriendly ingredients such as palm oil. Plus colours and flavours are naturally derived from fruits, grains and vegetables.