Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)

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Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)

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These gummies contain naturally occurring compounds 5HTP. These will help with keeping you calm and relaxed by maintaining serotonin levels. 5HTP will also help increase your melatonin production.

The best chewable supplement to buy in the UK to help to boost your mood and reduce stress.

Chew 2 Sleep & Relax gummies a day.


60 Sleep & Relax Gummies. Suitable for children (Ages 3+) and adults.

Flavour: Passion Fruit

Contains: 5-HTP (50mg per gummy).

  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Gluten Free
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)
Sleep & Relax (5-HTP)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 206 reviews
Love these sleep gummies

These sleep htp gummies are brilliant for my adhd asd son he is so wired he won’t settle until past midnight but he takes two of these and within 20 minutes he’s asleep !!! They are AMAZING

Lovely gummies sadly didn’t work for me

These are lovely gummies they taste great and I’m sure they work for others but sadly not for me.
Insomnia for many years. Ow and looking for any ideas for a solid sleep.

Fantastic products

After being recommended by another parent a while ago I finally gave this a go. I couldn’t be happier. My 4 year old who’s brain seems to be at 100 miles an hour every night now has a chilled out hour before finally and gently drifting off to sleep. She has even gone upstairs and put herself in bed! Yippeeee . Happy baby, happy mummy xx

Sleep and relax

Brilliant product. Really helps me to relax and sleep at night. Feel refreshed the next day


I have gotten these for my daughter to help with sleep and it's our second night using them and I have to say that I am amazed my troubled 7year old who would not go to bed alone is now so settled that she puts her self to bed and is asleep by 8.20pm instead of 10-11pm I will definitely be buying again