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Whether you’re concerned about your own health, a loved one, your job, or how to support your family in these difficult times, the coronavirus pandemic is significantly impacting everyone in a number of different ways. 

During these uncertain and unprecedented times, it’s more important than ever to look after yourself and others. Supporting vulnerable people is particularly crucial in a crisis and something as simple as a phone call or a text to an elderly relative in self isolation can make a world of difference. 

When it comes to supporting those in need, food banks are a lifeline many people simply can’t do without. With one in five of the UK population living below the poverty line, food banks are, unfortunately, a necessity at all times but will become even more relied upon as the virus spreads. 

The role of food banks in a crisis 

Food banks help to ensure everyone in need has access to the essentials, with items donated by the public sorted into emergency food parcels and distributed by volunteers to provide essential support to people in crisis. 

As more and more people face the prospect of losing their job or going without pay as a result of coronavirus, food banks are likely to become increasingly important for many families across the UK over the coming weeks and months. 

How is coronavirus impacting food banks? 

Despite being so crucial at this time, food banks have been particularly affected by the ongoing pandemic with panic-buying leading to a drop in donations as people stock up in case they have to self-isolate. This means that many food banks are now low on supplies at a time when demand is set to increase. 

How can we help?

At Yumi, we wanted to do our bit to ease the strain on our local food bank, Manchester Central, so we decided to donate a variety of items which the charity needed. We headed out and bought a selection of products including tinned food, cereals, biscuits, fruit juice, pasta and nappies which we dropped off at the food bank’s collection point for it to be packaged up and distributed. 


Our donation was weighed at 53.5kg which equates to around 127 meals and will play a small part in making sure vulnerable people get the support they need but food banks across the UK need help now more than ever. If you want to play your part, you can find your local food bank here, or you can make a donation here - let’s stay healthy and look after each other!

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