Daily Multivitamin? 15 Reasons Why You Should Take Them

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Taking a quality, daily multivitamin and mineral supplement can of course help protect against many degenerative disorders such as heart disease and osteoporosis, as well as run-of-the-mill illnesses like infections or the common cold. 

These are great, but, there are some other benefits to taking a daily multivitamin that are just not as well-known.

We’re going to uncover 15 other added benefits to taking a daily multivitamin, and how it can help promote optimal health and well-being. 

15 Key Reasons To Take a Daily Multivitamins

1. Multivitamins can support healthy ageing. 


The older you are, the less able your body is to absorb the nutrients you need – even from a healthy, natural diet. This comes at a time when your nutritional needs often increase; the combination can cause a marked decrease in quality of life, and can even be deadly.



Taking a quality daily vitamin can help to rebalance this dynamic, and make sure you get the nutrition you need. 



2. Multivitamins Improve your short-term memory. 


Studies show that taking a multivitamin each day can actually improve your short-term memory.  



3. Multivitamins Boost your energy levels. 


According to several studies, a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement can increase energy levels.  



4. Multivitamins Detoxify your body. 


Clearing toxins from your body can help your organs in good health. Robust levels of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins (especially B-complex) can have this effect. 



5. Multivitamins Maintain muscle strength. 


Free radical damage can result in a loss of muscle strength, especially as we get older. An oxidant-rich daily vitamin can help to reduce free radicals, especially one rich in vitamin D. Along with greater retention of strength, antioxidants increase the speed of muscle recovery. 



6. Multivitamins Keep your sense of smell. 


I bet you didn’t know that a lack of zinc in your system can cause Anosmia, the inability to detect odours. It’s obscure, but true. Low levels of vitamin B12, vitamin A and copper can also result in changes to your sense of smell and taste.  



7. Multivitamins Keep your sense of hearing. 


Smell isn’t the only sense that needs vitamins; studies have shown a connection between hearing loss and B-complex deficiency, perhaps due to the resulting elevated homocysteine levels.  



8. Multivitamins Improve your skin. 


Beta-carotene and vitamins C and E help maintain healthy, younger-looking skin, and help to repair it when it is damaged by sun, dryness, aging, or even injury. 



9. Multivitamins Prevent asthma and allergies. 


Allergies and asthma sufferers often have depleted levels of vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and selenium, but a regular vitamin to keep these levels where they should be, can decrease frequency and even severity of symptoms in some cases.  



10. Multivitamins Boost your mood. 


Several studies show an increase in positive mood and a sense of well-being as a result of taking a daily multivitamin. People with the right levels of vitamins and minerals in their bodies seem to have better levels of satisfaction and are happier. 



11. Multivitamins Manage your stress. 


Part of the increase in emotional health may be due to a decrease in stress. Vitamins which contain a therapeutic dose of B-complex vitamins can reduce anxiety and other forms of stress. 



12. Multivitamins Improve your sex life. 


Free radical damage is particularly severe on organs and glands that are responsive to sexual hormones. An antioxidant-rich multivitamin can help to keep sexual function and satisfaction at healthy levels. 



13. Multivitamins Prevent dry eyes. 


Your eyes will show a decrease in their ability to lubricate themselves as you get older; by age 65, our eyes produce 40% less lubrication on average. This can lead to a burning or itchy sensation, and to responsive watering and even tears.



Vitamins, especially antioxidants, can decrease the percentage of loss and push back the age at which the damage becomes measurable. 



14. Multivitamins Reverse telomere erosion. 


At the end of each chromosome is a ribbon-like structure called a ‘telomere.’ Each tie a cell is replicated, some damage is done to the telomere. It is believed that telomere deterioration leads to slower cell recovery and a reduction in function – in short, this may be what causes us to show the effects of aging.



Research shows, however, that taking a good daily vitamin can reduce (or even reverse in some cases) this damage. 



15. Multivitamins Prevent dental problems. 


We’ve been told our whole lives that we need calcium for strong teeth and bones, but did you know that vitamin C helps to prevent gum disease? Vitamins A and E, as well as selenium and zinc, also promote gum health.



Our bodies need these key substances to be healthy, adaptive, and to age well. The best way to ensure you get them is to eat a healthy and varied diet, and to take a quality, daily vitamin supplement. This will make sure you get all that you require, and any surplus substances will simply pass from your body via natural processes – leaving just the right amount for your needs.



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