How is melatonin delivered in gummies?

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How is melatonin delivered in gummies?

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland which regulates sleep and wakefulness and can be used in supplements to regulate our bodies internal clock. There are several ways of taking melatonin, in the form of tablets and oils are mostly found on the market - but we’ve found a way to infuse this into a gummy for a great tasting supplement.

How is melatonin infused in the product?

This is all down to the production phases of our development. Oils and powders are infused into the gummy to not only give a great tasting product, but to ensure the core product is full of the vitamins, minerals, and hormones and natural colours and flavours to give the best possible results. 

What are the benefits of a gummy supplement?

Greater absorption of supplement - Most vitamin pills and supplements are best taken with meals or food - hard tablets are mostly wasted away due to its low absorption if you do not take with sufficient amounts of food, and if you take them alone with water, they may not digest as well and may cause nausea or heartburn. 

Our Yumi Nutrition sleep gummies (ages 3+) are broken down better before reaching the stomach because of chewing and saliva, making them easier on the stomach, and may not need the same levels of food to digest and absorb all the vitamins and mineralsGummies can be taken with or without food, without any significant impact of absorption rates. 

Easier to swallowIf you have a hard time swallowing capsules or pills, our gummies are ideal. You won't have to experience the sometimes unpleasant taste of a capsule starting to dissolve in your mouth or suffer while you gag to swallow a pill. You can simply chew the vitamin and swallow, and water isn't required. Our gummies are flavoured to taste fruity and pleasant, so you’ll actually enjoy taking them. 

Who it is useful for?

Melatonin gummies are useful for those who find it difficult to fall asleep, as well as children who may have minor sleep problems. This can come in the format of just a pure inability to fall asleep, otherwise known as insomnia. There are also other sleep conditions for which melatonin gummies can help with, including delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS), rapid-eye-movement sleep behaviour disorder (RBD), and ADHD induced insomnia.

In rare cases, some people use melatonin gummies for other conditions, for example, Alzheimer's disease (refer to NCBI) or memory loss (dementia), bipolar disorder, insomnia caused by beta-blocker drugs, endometriosis, ringing in the ears, and even depression. It is also used to calm people before they are given anaesthesia for surgery.

More common uses for melatonin sleep gummies are for those that suffer from jet lag (and to even fall asleep on those loud planes!). It is also useful for those who work night shifts who find it difficult to naturally produce melatonin due to a lack of sunlight, and abnormal working hours meaning abnormal sleeping patterns. Our gummies have also been used by blind people to establish day and night patterns; melatonin gummies have such a range of benefits for a number of users due to its natural potency. 

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